Tuesday, 28 December 2010


The Conversation has not stopped. It just followed a different path and went elsewhere.

It started out with Sara in London and me in Dubai. Now Sara is in Palestine and I am in Cairo.

Sara has been telling her Ussa from Nablus since August, and it's a story worth following. She has discovered, learned and achieved so much in the past few months, so follow her stories and you may learn a lot too.

I made the decision to try living in Cairo about a year ago. I was sitting right here on this beach in Noweiba, Egypt

And it was here that I got a phone call from Hill & Knowlton to join the Cairo office. Everything after that happened pretty fast. Within four months, I had a job in Cairo, bought a car, met Mr. Right and got engaged.

How all this falls into place is really quite an experience. The wedding was last month and a new life now begins.

So it is time to start a new conversation. In the manic city of Cairo, there is certainly no lack of content for stories and commentary. Here we go - to a new journey of saying things to whoever's listening. http://nileviews.blogspot.com/