Monday, 7 December 2009

More of the good times

Aptly, as this is the run up to Christmas and the season of manic consumerism, it’s time for another great ads post!

Below are some ads that have really stood out to me over the past few years. Some because behind them is an idea of true genius, some are quirky and others just make me smile.

So, in no particular order:

1. Sony Bravia

This ad is an absolute visual feast. The creators wanted to affiliate the brand with vibrant colour and movement but didn’t want to rely on CGI so instead they launched 250,000 bouncy multi coloured balls down a San Francisco street and created something truly beautiful to watch.

I especially love the bit with the frog. It takes an exquisite touch to create a moment that feels like so spontaneous.

If you’re interested, here’s a ‘making of’.

2.Honda Diesel

This ad about a quieter engine just makes me smile and bob my head in amiable cheerfulness.

3.Honda Civic

Madness. Absolute, sheer, painstaking, perfectly timed madness.

And another. Again clever, different and smart. Sticks in the head and makes you want to watch it again. It’s not being controversial or racy – just a brilliant idea brilliantly executed.

4.Sony Bravia

Another Sony colour one. Also without the use of CGI. Impressive.

The ‘making of’.

5. Citreon C4

Love love love this one.

6. Chevrolet

Great response to the Citroen carbot by Chevrolet.

7. Boots

I really like this series of Boots ads. I like the concept, I like the song and the general vibe.

Christmas 2007
Christmas 2008

8. Pepsi Max

This just made me laugh.

So there we have it. Good ads are a pleasure to watch over and over again so I hope you enjoy these.

And... happy holidays :)


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