Friday, 16 October 2009


Have we sunk to our lowest point? Has the need to use every possible bit of public space to hock our goods overcome our common sense? Do we not have enough spam flooding our inboxes? Are the billboards papering over our view of God’s beautiful green earth not enough?

Apparently not…

Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to introduce to you:


Yes. You heard it. Flogos.

That’s right… flying logos.

Made to look like clouds, these advertisements glide surreptitiously in the sky masquerading as nature.

So that even if you found yourself with one of those rare moments where you raise your nose from the grindstone to ponder a clear blue sky - even then you wouldn’t be beyond the insidiously ubiquitous reach of product promotion.

Ah yes… Flogos boy and girls. Flogos.


  1. Oh how dramatic....If a few fluffy smiley faced clouds at a special event has you losing your faith in humanity, well then you really need to seek professional help.

  2. I would rather have Flogos than a permanent billboard. Billboards as far as I am concerned are visual pollution especially when posted outside urban areas. At least this Flogos is made of biodegradable material and only lasts for a few minutes in a very restricted area.

  3. Hey guys :) thanks for the comments.

    First off, Flogos aren't replacing billboards and secondly, I like our sky!

    Smiley fluffy or not - it's the idea that nowhere is safe from advertising any more that bugs me. Yes, Flogos are flown in a certain area and, for the moment, don't last longer than about an hour (on average according to the website).

    I just think it's a matter of time before it becomes more intrusive and we see more more heavy handedness in their usage.

  4. I find it amusing how each of the negative comments seems to leave out the fact that Flogos are environmentally safe compared to the traditional plane with a banner or balloon release.

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