Thursday, 9 July 2009

Summer's here!!... actually, maybe not

For our regular readers – a little update on my breathless blogging about the stunningly beautiful weather we’ve been having. As luck would have it, mere days after my wildly enthusiastic post about the arrival of summer, London experienced torrential rain with about a month’s worth of rain in one hour…. How fab…

I seem to have endeared myself to some eager little rain cloud that’s been following me around lately. Mai can vouch for me on this - every holiday I’ve taken in the past two years has been hit by unexpected rain storms.

Erm… bella Italia? More like rainy Italia.
Dubai – DUBAI! Where it rains for like two weeks every year poured it down when I went to escape London’s harsh winter
Another Italy trip – this time to Verona. Can’t think of any clever word plays on this one but I think you get the picture.

Sometimes I think the universe just doesn’t take me seriously.


  1. I left Muscat at 50c arrived in East Anglia (England) and had snow ! oh the pleasure of weather this year

  2. Fly out to Dubai now. Just do it.

    I want rain.

  3. hahaha... what a lucrative business opportunity this could turn out to be...