Friday, 24 July 2009

Stop cramping my style

Hijab is a topic of much disagreement. It is a complex and deeply personal (often emotional) topic and common themes include:

1) Does the hijab come from a cultural or religious imperative
2) Is it in the Kor’an or the Hadith and do they hold the same authority over Muslims
3) Which types of hijab are acceptable and which are ‘going too far’ or indeed ‘not far enough’
4) Being fashionable with hijab

So… a complex debate and certainly not one I will add much value to. I won’t even touch on religious governments or the women’s rights aspects of enforced veiling. I do however have something to say about CHOICE… more specifically – a WOMAN’S CHOICE.

I came across this facebook group advocating the hijab. At last count, the group has 1,614 members comprised of both men and women – covered and uncovered. The comments make for interesting reading I suppose, but there is a lot of very rigid thinking out there.

The creator of this group is:

1) Mehdi

The moderators are:

1) Abdul Rahman
2) Ibrahim
3) Ziad
4) Mervet
5) ‘Proud of her hijab’

Two women and four men. Moderating a debate on a women’s issue that affects women’s daily lives and is essentially (or should be) a woman’s decision.

We know that often times it is the family/husband/brother etc that enforces the hijab but there are also many women who take up the veil by choice and through the strength of their convictions – all the more power to them.

Now, I’m sure that Mehdi, Ziad and Ibrahim are lovely, well intentioned guys. But frankly, if they insist on spending their time making sure that Islam is being well served; surely they should start with themselves? And after that – how about focusing on morality within their own gender? There’s a lot going on in male circles to keep them busy I’m sure.

Back off guys… we can figure it out without you…

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