Monday, 29 June 2009

Summer's here!!

That's it really... just thought I'd remind everyone

I love London in the summer. The city itself just looks completely different when bathed in sunshine. People are resolutely cheerful and break out their most colorful Sunday best. The parks are stunning and what could be better than warm Pimms filled afternoons spent picnicking and people watching?

Mai - I know it's been summer for you for months now and you're over it BUT we have had consecutive sunshine here for something like 7 days now. AMAZING! Really hoping it continues*.

Also... great Wimbledon weather

Anyway, if you need me - I'll be outside...

* Three hours later and it is now raining... and play at Wimbledon has been suspended... poo...


  1. Saw the UK news yesterday talking about possible heatwave crisis measures if it *gasp* reaches 30 centigrade.

    30 centigrade! Ha! Wooses!

  2. Aww babe I'm sorry, it's ok, I'm sure the sun will be out again tomorrow! Yes, it's summer here and has been for ages. But it's humid and sticky and dusty and hazy and awful. Blech.

  3. hehe... even the tennis players are like 'relax guys, have u seen the Australian Open?'

    The BBC sheds some light on heat management in the UK:

    Maisaloon! yalla come to London x