Thursday, 4 June 2009

Obama in Cairo

I believe by now most people have watched, read, heard, discussed and debated the speech of President Barack Obama from Cairo University. Spoken eloquently, impressive delivery and inspiring words. Overall, yes, Obama delivered. He seemed to start off with the usual broad and vague-ish shpeel about unity, peace, etc. But when it got down to specifics, there was no ambiguity there. Never before has a US administration taken a stance on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict that instigated this kind of reaction from the Israeli government. Did Obama's words physically stop the violence and settlements? No, not yet. And anyone expecting them to achieve that overnight is naive and frankly, not unlike a high-maintenance, demanding wife that is never pleased.

I'm not too surprised at the cynics and critics. They always make things interesting. But beyond the negative comments, just like there is a demand for 'actions', it would be useful to see specific 'requests'. What do you want? What were you expecting? Whatever it was, those who were unsatisfied by this speech, will never be satisfied.

They are so focused on asking for change, waiting for change -- wake up. Haven't you noticed?

This IS change.


  1. I like the "specific requests" approach. We usually fail to lobby for particular demands and just hope for 'something' to happen....

  2. Take a look at that article you linked to. What's more worrying about the comments IN the article (I got hauled up for tweeting it, BTW - 'This isn't representative of Israeli opinion') are the comments ON the article!

    Obama's got a long, steep uphill journey.

  3. it was a good speech - anyway, when has a little flattery not gone a long way?

    Let's see....