Thursday, 11 June 2009

Journey to NYC begins

I tried really hard not to sleep all night before flying 14 hours to New York. (I can't get the Sinatra tune out of my head by the way). I thought that would eliminate the possibility of jet lag. But I failed, and here I am, 8am Dubai time, wide awake and waiting to board flight EK 201. It's a Boeing 777, which is somehow comforting. I hope their speed sensors are up to date. They were also out of window seats, apparently. Weird, because I got here more than 2 hours before departure time, how could they already be out of window seats on a 777? Highly unlikely that I could fall asleep in in aisle seat.

My mother has been nagging me to wear protective masks during my trip. I won't because a) they look ridiculous and b) I don't think they're that protective from H1N1 anyway. But the weird thing is, sitting here at the airport, everytime someone sneezes or coughs, I jump. It's funny, but I think people look around as well and try to steer clear of the culprit.

Hmmm...Passenger just asked EK staff member "It's a 14 hour flight, right?" EK Staff: "It depends, sometimes it is, yes. haha." Not sure what to make of that!

Oooh look how cute the Japanese tourists are all stretching and doing exercises before getting on the plane. I might go join them!

I'm so glad there's wireless here. Airport waits are extremely boring. Also, I left the critical entertainment given to me by Alec - Family Guy Season One. I can't believe I left it!

I think I'll go to my book now. This journey's companion is Louis de Bernieres' first novel - The War of Don Emmanuel's Nether Parts.

It is now 8:24am. Departure time is 8:30am. I don't think so, EK.