Friday, 12 June 2009

First impressions of NYC

It is now 10:30pm New York time (6:30am Dubai time) and the exhaustion of the journey is just starting to kick in.

14 hours is a looooooong flight. I watched 4 films, 5 episodes of Family Guy, slept for 2 hours and chatted to the EK staff for an hour. (During which they all whined about how much they hate this flight and hate their job and wished they could have a regular 9 to 5 and want to leave Dubai because everyone there is rude, etc etc). Anyway.

Finally landed in JFK at around 3:15pm local time, to be greeted by a charming immigration officer who joked about my birthday being on February 14th, and how I should never, ever get married because it's a waste of time and energy.

Walked out of JFK to find overcast skies, a chilly wind and drizzle. Not the warm welcome I was hoping for, but still, I was in New York finally and excited. Anxious now to check in to my hotel, fingers crossed it turns out ok and nothing like the few negative reviews I had read. So far, so good. The Hotel at Times Square seems to be a great choice for a) location and b) cleanliness and c) room size.

I had, however, completely forgotten about the electricity/ voltage issue, and also the plug pins look funny here. They're thin and flat 2-pins. I managed to get an adapter for my laptop, which means I can also charge my mobile and my iPod via USB. But my camera charger and GHD hair straightener don't work here. Which really, really sucks. I might try and find a converter or something tomorrow.

Times Square is INSANE. I've never seen such a crazily busy, manic, crowded place with flashing neon lights everywhere. Very cool to checkout Broadway, spot places like NBC studios and The Wall Street Journal HQ. We walked around for a good couple of hours, but it felt like we've been running for 6 or more. Possible because I'm also so tired from the journey. I'm going to give it another try another day when I have more energy. Because I watch way too much Hollywood films and American TV shows, it almost felt like walking into a set. A bit strange to actually recognise shops and street names that you've never really seen before. A sense of familiarity towards things developed purely out of CSI New York, Sex and the City and Law & Order.


  1. hahaha you and your hair straightener! For regular readers - Mai can't travel anywhere without her GHD's, not even on a backpacking trip!!

    Enjoy :)

    also, should I be asking why you're not stopping over in London - which I strongly believe to be ON THE WAY

  2. Sara... thought you were in Dubai! I was in London for almost a week!!!! Woulda been nice to catch up!

    And for all other readers, it's true, Mai and Hair straightener are like "peas and carrots"

  3. you were here!?!?!? SHERIF I LIVE IN LONDON - I AM ALWAYS HERE!!

    Please get in touch next time you're in town else I shall have Mai wallop you with a selection from her range of high end hair products :D