Monday, 15 June 2009

Ah, the good old days

I love me a good advertisement. I feel like it’s the least we should be expecting from what is essentially a highly manipulative way of promoting goods and services (gotta throw in the token anti capitalism bit somewhere).

There have been some awesome ones as well. When done well, advertising is incredibly powerful and the emotional bond it can create between brand and consumer is strong. Some ads stick with you because they made you laugh, maybe even cry or just rethink something you thought you knew. Some of them stick with you simply because of the sheer genius of the approach.

I haven’t seen that many good ones lately though so I figured hey – what better time for a retrospective compilation of some of my favourites?

Some interesting facts first? Sure:

* By the year 1861 there were twenty advertising agencies in New York City

* In 2007, spending on advertising was estimated at over $150 billion in the United States and $385 billion worldwide

So, in no particular order:

* Nike’s tag ads – gotta love it

* Durex’s creative approach to contraception

I love the way the tone is set for this ad – reminds me a little of the ‘Priceless' Mastercard ads

Who doesn’t love balloon animals?

* There’s a fine line in comparative advertising between clever and bitchy – this is, in my opinion, one of the better examples

* This Heineken ad is more recent but I love the hysterical man screaming at the end

* Last but certainly not least on this list is a campaigning advertisement by Amnesty International on the power of petition. Absolutely stunning

* Alright... one more brilliant contraception ad just for kicks and giggles

There are, of course, many many more...

Happy viewing!

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  1. Nike has some brilliant ads. Many have no real relevance to either their sport or Nike other than there's a bunch of players wearing their gear in there and showcasing some mad skillz, but they're wonderfully inventive!