Wednesday, 27 May 2009

How Budget wasted a day of my life

"Budget, good morning. How can I help you?"
"Hello. My car was hit buy one of your rented vehicles. I need to contact your insurance company."
"One second please"

"Thank you for holding. You had an accident with one of our cars?"
"No, one of your cars hit my car."
"Ah. Ok. Do you have the car's licence plate number?"
"I have the police report."
"Ah. Ok. Hold on please."

"Maam you have to go to our office in Rashidiya and talk to the insurance people there."
"Can you give me the location?"
"Here's the number, you can call and they'll give you the location."
"Thanks. Bye"


"Budget, yes?"
Repeat explanation of scenarion. After about 5 transfers, I gave up and decided to just go there."
"Ok, I'll fax you the location map."


Next morning, armed with map, I venture to Rashidya. For the non-UAE-based readers, Rashidya is an industrial spare parts and other stuff area out by Dubai Airport. The map is 5 years too old. After several phone calls, explanations, I finally made it. Welcomed into the office, sat down, offered tea and water. A nice man takes the police report, makes a phone call. Finally

"Ma'am, you have to go directly to our insurance company. Arabia Insurance. Here's the number. They are located in Sharjah in the SNTTA building."
"They don't have a Dubai office?"
"No, ma'am sorry. Here is the phone number and name of contact person there."
"Thank you very much."

I called Al Arabia Insurance. Of course they have a Dubai office. So I went there. Sorted it out. And took my car to their garage this morning.

Instead of taking me 2 whole mornings, this process could've taken a couple of hours. If only that one receptionist at Budget rent-a-car had given me the correct information, and didn't send me to their office Rashidiya to start with. So, Budget, here's a piece of advice for you: Brief your staff to provide callers correct information. And if they don't have it, to say so. Not make up their own version of what they think might be correct.


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  1. A typical customer service day in the UAE...