Sunday, 3 May 2009

He's just an enthusiastic boy, that's all

I just picked up the story of the Bahrain terror plot arrests in Gulf News. What got my attention the most was a quote from one of the defence lawyers:

"This is a case of young men in their twenties who are deeply religious. They do not belong to any party or organisation and are simply enthusiastic in their feelings."

Ah, yes, a little enthusiasm never hurt anyone, did it? No seriously, how can he say that? This is exactly how misinterpretation and confusion between religion and terrorism happens. A person who schemes and plots an act of murder is not religious. In fact, he doesn't even understand the meaning of religion - least of all Islam.

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  1. Agree, but a couple of days in Bahraini 'custody' and I'd be willing to confess I'm a duck, I'm quite sure. I'd probably pour the orange sauce onto my own head to prove it...