Sunday, 12 April 2009

Is 'cool' a thing of the past?

“She called me ‘dude’… who says that anymore?” my friend’s boyfriend asked her bemusedly after we met for the first time.

People do still say that don’t they? I’m not way behind the curve on picking up on the fact that one of my generation's colloquialisms has expired? Are there other ones I should be aware of?

I am definitely at an age where I start to think the wardrobe choices of teenagers are often questionable at best.

That could be a sign.


  1. It certainly is a sign - especially given your 'wardrobe choices'!!

    Mind you, wait 'till you get to my age, you'll be wanting to burn 'em all at the stake.

    'Guys' was the big thing I encountered back in the UK last week, everyone's calling their customers 'guys'. What's wrong with sir?

  2. "wablo" is apparently still street. but then again, it depends which street (I do live in Kingston-Upon-Thames afterall..)

  3. I did some volunteer work with a bunch of 13-16yr olds down in Morden last year.

    They had to translate ALL their slang for me.

  4. Glad to know I'm not alone in this then! I actually caught myself thinking 'wasn't it nice when people used to say please and thank you' the other day.... oh dear.

    I can't even think of anything hip and funky to balance that statement out.

    errrmmm.... innit?

  5. Sara, I found this for you. Courtesy of @adamcoomes on Twitter:


  6. hahaha i love it!! what a brilliant t-shirt that would make