Monday, 27 April 2009

Etisalat gave us 2 new boxes

A few weeks ago I got home from work to find that some nice people from etisalat had paid us a visit and installed a box on the wall. A fibre optic connection, supposedly. But no one said what we're meant to do with it. So we ignored it. And since it wasn't visible behind the couch, forgot all about it.

And then yesterday, I got home to find that more nice people from etisalat had been over. They very kindly offered to replace our D-Link wireless router for free, with a brand new Siemens router. Thanks, etisalat.

Except once again, they installed it without leaving behind any configuration or set-up instructions. And so we were offline. Laptops not even picking up our network.

Called 101. The arrogant, patronizing call centre employee (g**) asked me to enter all sorts of useless TCP/IP digits, which I knew wouldn't work. And then, with every ounce of intelligence in his brain, as I predicted, he said "restart the router, then restart your machine. It should work". Me: "No, it won't". G**: "It will. If not, just call us back." ME: "But I'm telling you it won't." G**: "Listen, I gave you all the settings manually. You just need to restart".

I hung up. I restarted. I called back and got a much nicer person this time.

As it turned out, the nice people from etisalat hooked up the new wireless router with an ethernet cable to the wall socket - and not to the fibre optic box. In the end, in a fury, I just said "Listen, I don't want to spend an hour on the phone trying different cables and settings. Your people messed this up, your people need to come here and fix it."

So now I wait.

But just to let you know, I tried unplugging the new Siemens and using our lovely, perfect little D-Link. The laptop detected the network. But nothing's working. Cos now we HAVE to use Fibre Optic.

With a little bit of 'wasta', more nice people from etisalat came over yesterday, and with a little help of my brother, we now have Internet at home again.


  1. 10 Stick sharp object in head.
    20 Scream
    30 GOTO 10

  2. Anything Free + Etisalat = SYSTEM FAILURE

  3. Next time just try kicking it?