Monday, 23 February 2009

Sometimes, you just gotta let things go

I think that cartoon is pretty funny actually. Using a monkey to denote stupidity is not uncommon in popular imagery and to say that it's meant to be mocking Obama is a bit of a stretch. There is so much debate around the various stimulus packages and the way the downturn is being handled - you really have to want to be offended to decide that THIS TIME, it's about racism. Yes, there are lines, but we're also getting really touchy about stuff.

I agree with you about the Dubai thing though. Having grown up there and seen it go through all its changes I can definitely say - yes there are things I don't like. As you say however, I don't remember there ever being a memo saying "come... invest in Dubai. We will then model our society on yours and change deeply ingrained elements of our culture to please you. We would like to thank you for coming and for taking the time out from shopping and tanning to whinge. In fact, a warm round of applause for formulating an opinion all by yourself - please continue to enjoy your untaxed income and remember to complain bitterly all the way through that relaxing pedicure".


  1. You can get pretty iterative here. If you object to an African American President depicted as a monkey (an image frequently used of his more simian WASP predecessor), aren't you just confirming that you find the image presents you with a case to answer?

    In other words, the depiction of me as a monkey hurts me because I recognise I look like a monkey???