Tuesday, 17 February 2009


You know I see your point about being empowered within social media, but it always seems like just a matter of time before advertising/marketing/PR catch up and start insidiously planting chocolate peanut butter cravings in my head.

I am liking social media though. I have yet to foray into the world of facebook but on an information level - Twitter rocks. In addition to immediate access to a wide range of news (be it industry, breaking or weird) there's also something wickedly fun about knowing that Stephen Fry is off for a walk.

I don't think we've lost the ability to communicate in a physically peopled environment. I would suggest that social media has redrawn the lines around what we consider to be personal information and what is for public consumption. Or was that was reality TV?


  1. Hey guys!! well done!! so excited to see more of your posts!

    sarsour, i guess reality TVs erased the lines and didn't redefine them! BUT it also revealed this weird interest in millions of people to know very very personal details of complete strangers on TV. I mean why would all of Lebanon want to know if George is still together with Synthia, a star academy contestant(note that we never saw how george looks like, but we heard him over the phone when S. was talking to him! Joy!!)and of course it's not only in lebanon..it's a world wide phenomenon!

    'facebook on information level'naaaa stick to Twitter then!

  2. hehe... dude you're right, it's madness! and there are reality TV shows about everything now - case in point: http://uk.tv.yahoo.com/blog/article/123212/