Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Did it all start with Reality TV?

Interesting question, Sarsour. Did it start with reality TV? Don't you think it's simply within human nature to want to know all those intimate, private, confidential details of strangers' lives? Reality TV shows like Big Brother are crap. But the ones with more interesting concepts like discovering talent on American Idol (which I just found out through Twitter that Ashton & Demi watch religiously) or even watching housewives switch homes and struggle (can be funny for some people - creeps me out though). But no, the Internet is completely different.

I like the mystery behind the people , and i think there's a fine line between a social network online and taking that offline. I mean, a Twestival once in a while for a good cause is cool, but do I actually want to integrate my Twitter life and Twitter followers into my offline life? I don't think so. That would take away so much from it. So to everyone who sends me direct messages saying "thanks for following, let's also connect on Facebook" the answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT!

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