Saturday, 21 February 2009

A Cartoon Moment

Very frustrated with Internet connection right now. I mean, I build my life around being online, and etisalat destroys it. Euufff.

Anyway - what do you think of this? The New York Post apologised for the offence it caused. But the cartoonist defended it saying it was in reference to some local incident involving a chimp. Was it, really? Not many people would get that though, would they?

I don't want to bring up the whole Danish cartoon controversy and the reactions to it again, but I'm interested to hear views on if and where there is a line to draw? And do preachers of FoS preach only based on their own beliefs and values?

And now an update because of this - isn't this angle everyone's taking about "dubai pretending to be a modern city" just simply their own interpretation of what is modern and open? I don't ever remember Dubai every saying it was going to be a secular place. OR void of any political affiliations. It's not Switzerland.

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